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Dr Alex Fowke Clinical Psychologist CBT Cognitive

My Skills & Experiences

I have gained the following academic qualifications:









I have worked in the NHS for more than 17 years, including over 11 years working as part of specialist mental health services in Hampshire and London.  I have specialised therapy skills, including post-qualification training in Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).  I was trained to adherence  as a DBT therapist by members of the British Isles DBT Training team and worked alongside these skills trainers in the delivery of the treatment as well as training of new therapists.  For more than three years I was been involved as an adherent DBT therapist with the REFRAMED study, a randomised controlled trial of Radically Open DBT (RO DBT) for treatment-resistant depression, with training and supervision provided by the treatment-developer, Professor Tom Lynch.  I continue to be part of this through Radically Open as a Senior Clinician, speaking internationally and delivering one-day training workshops in RO DBT.


I have worked with a large number of clients from all age-groups and from a diverse range of backgrounds experiencing a variety of mental health problems and psychological difficulties.  My BABCP and Society for DBT accreditations certify my competence by recognising that I meet their standards in training and practice of CBT and DBT respectively.  It also means that I am committed to my work through my clinical practice, receiving supervision and ongoing professional development.  This ensures that I am well-informed as a therapist and have an up-to-date knowledge of clinical practice and mental health.      


Through my affiliation with the BABCP, Society for DBT, HCPC and BPS, you can be confident in the reliability and validity of my qualifications and professional status, as well as my conduct and credibility as a competent and effective Clinical Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist and DBT Therapist.

My Therapy Values:

I'm driven by the positive results I've observed in my clients as they progress through therapy, overcoming their problems, developing new skills and building a life that they want to live.  Many clients come to see me after struggling for years with their problems with little or no support, either as a result of being socially isolated or due to them keeping their problems to themselves,

                hidden from family and friends.  I find it enormously rewarding to help clients understand their difficulties within the

                   context of their history, identifying their existing skills and and establishing positive routes out of their pain.  


                     I have a personable style, being friendly but also compassionate and professional.  It is often-reported that the

                         therapeutic relationship is as important as the type of therapy that is offered; I value the significance of the

                           relationship I have with my clients, and my warmth, honesty and understanding help me to foster these

                         connections.  I have a relaxed and welcoming manner which makes clients feel understood, respected, and

                      at ease throughout the course of therapy.  I believe that it's essential to provide a discrete, trusting, and

                    confidential environment, so I prioritise these factors to help clients feel safe, supported and validated.


               Therapy isn't necessarily an easy process, and the decision to acknowledge problems and begin to work on them is

          often painful.  I value the commitment that clients make to work on understanding and managing their difficulties.  I  

   recognise the courage and honesty that clients demonstrate by coming to therapy and their willingness to be vulnerable during the different stages of therapy.  To respect this willingness, and as an indication of the professional commitment that I make to my clients, I act with integrity, trustworthiness and reliability at all times.    

I am legally required to be registered with the HCPC in order to be able to use the protected title 'Clinical Psychologist'.  I practice under the guidance of the HCPC's Standards of Conduct, Performance & Ethics (2016), which includes a requirement for me to have a professional indemnity arrangement in place as a condition of my registration; my ongoing accreditation through the BABCP requires me to adhere to their Standards of Conduct, Performance & Ethics (2017), and my Chartered status with the BPS requires me to abide by their Practice Guidelines 3rd Edition (2017) and Code of Ethics & Conduct (2018).  These standards include respecting confidentiality, maintaining high standards of professional competence, responsibility and integrity, as well as maintaining the same levels of continued professional development and supervision as would be expected of those employed by public organisations.  As such, you can be confident of a confidential and professional service.  I have a full and current Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) certificate, demonstrating my suitability to work with vulnerable clients.

The Legal Stuff

My Values


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1999-2002): University of Southampton

  • Master of Science in Health Psychology (2002-2004): University of Southampton

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (2005-2009): University of Southampton

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Recovery & Social Inclusion (2013-2014): University of Hertfordshire

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Teaching & Learning (2016-2019): Royal Holloway University of London

Dr Alex Fowke Clinical Psychologist CBT Cognitive

My Training & Supervision Values:

The personal qualities that relate to my clinical work also apply to my clinical supervision and training, allowing me to engage supervisees, students and course delegates in the content of our sessions.  Through my training and supervision sessions I am enthusiastic about promoting the work of Clinical Psychologists and support our ongoing professional excellence.  I also strive to challenge some of the myths associated with our work and de-stigmatise mental illness, making it normal and healthy to discuss our emotional health.